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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteIt is the best alternative to the Facebook application. This Facebook Lite application is for those people who have limited internet connection and less space in your phone. This Facebook Lite app is much lighter than the original Facebook application. The original Facebook application uses a lot of space in your phone to download and requires high internet connectivity to start the application. This application keeps you connected with all the people from all around the world. In this busy world, this application is the best way to be in touch with everyone. This Facebook Lite application is very easy to use and with the help of this, you can be updated with all the things happening in everyone’s life. In this Lite version, you don’t need to download a separate messaging application as in the original Facebook application. This Facebook Lite application allows you to directly message all people through the application. Hence, It is recommended for everyone who is using a Facebook application as this application provides you the same service as the original and also reduces the space in your phone and your high network speed requirement.

Features of Facebook Lite

 Lighter version
 Requires Low network connectivity
 Uses less space
 Doesn’t require any extra application for messaging
 Easy and free to use

How to download Facebook Lite

 Start by tapping on the button to download.
 When it is finished, click on the file.
 Follow all the instructions on the screen.
 And agree to all the conditions on the screen and tap finish to complete the process.
 Now you are ready to use Facebook Lite.

Download Facebook Lite