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Facebook LiteFacebook lite is the perfect app for all those who don’t have a high-speed internet connection in their surrounding. Made from the scratch of the app Facebook, Facebook-lite is more like a miniature version of the main application consisting of all the features that the application has, but with a slight difference. What are those features that make
Facebook lite a bit different from Facebook? Here are the answers.

Features of Facebook Lite

Facebook lite can work smoothly even in poor net speed. It works perfectly well in the smartphones which have 2G facilities and don’t support 4G. People who don’t have a 4G supporting device can still be active on the social media through Facebook lite.
● One can view all the activities going on without any buffering or any problems. The images and videos are though shown in a more compact way but would still allow the user to have the facilities.
● One can even post photos, status, videos and do all the activities without worrying about the bad internet connection.
● It allows the user to look for nearby friends, have a glimpse of their favorite stars and even shop, just like Facebook does.
The main advantage of Facebook lite is that one does not have to worry about having a high-speed net connection or a 4G enabled device.

How to download Facebook Lite

You can download the app from the link stated below.

Download Facebook Lite