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Facebook LiteFacebook Lite is the smaller, faster version of the normal Facebook app optimized for low-end budget devices. Facebook lite works even on 2G connections and takes up only a fraction of space. Lite was designed keeping in mind to let another billion users help join and access Facebook such as those from rural areas or faraway places where data might not be available or expensive. Facebook lite retains all the key features of the main app such as:

Features of Facebook Lite

  • Let’s users Post updates on the Timeline.
  • Search other people, pages and interests on Facebook.
  • Users can like photos, videos and status uploaded or shared by their friends.
  • Let’s users edit their profile and groups just like in the original application.
  • Recommends friends and family members on Facebook.
  • Share or upload photos and videos with the world.
  • Update status to let others know what you are doing.
  • Buy and sell things on the Facebook marketplace.
  • Save photos and videos to your album or tag people in your photos or videos.
  • Get notification about comments and like on your post.
  • Follow and review businesses on Facebook.
  • Works even on 2G connection to let users access Facebook where data isn’t available.
  • Requires low amount of space.
  • Follow celebrities, websites, brand, sports team and artists of your liking.
  • Search for events happening around you and get invites for them
  • Comment and react on your friend’s post.
  • Consumes less battery than the traditional Facebook app.

How to download Facebook Lite

Get the Lite version of Facebook Lite from the link below

Download Facebook Lite