Download Facebook lite

Editorial Team

Facebook LiteFacebook, the revolutionary social media giant created the Facebook lite app to work on slow internet and optimize speed. It is basically a child of the Facebook app. It is designed to work on old phones, make use of 2g network and slow connection. Another aspect of the Facebook lite is that it saves a lot of phone space. Even with it’s shortcomings, Facebook lit is still an effective tool for Facebook browsing and posting.

Features of Facebook lite

Few features of this app are:

  • It works on 2g networks and also on old mobile phones.
  • Photos are shown in low resolution.
  • Messenger app is not required for messaging as the messaging is allowed from the app.
  • Notifications are shown when friends like or comment on your posts.
  • The app loads quickly and saves a lot of data.
  • Uses very less phone storage .
  • Very effective in poor connectivity areas.
  • User friendly.
  • Privacy is ensured.
  • In this version videos can be watched which was not available in the previous versions.

How to download Facebook lite

Social networking will be now more easy for you without taking much storage. You can get the Facebook lite app here with the below given button. Just click on it and install the app after following certain instructions that you will get on screen.