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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteAre you Facebook lover? Do you use Facebook on mobile? If yes, then you must be going through the storage problem too. Our phones have lots of apps, and all apps takes a large part of your mobile storage. So, is with regular Facebook app. It takes a lot of storage that might create a shortage of internal storage availability on your phone. Because of this you won’t be able to download new apps until you make space for them. Facebook has solved this problem by launching Facebook lite. This app is almost same as your regular app, but has a reduced file size that saves a lot of data of your mobile.

Features of Facebook lite 1.13.0122-

  • It has very small file size which is 1.7MB. This won’t take much of your phone’s storage.
  • It allows you to share your posts, pictures and videos.
  • You can check your feed like regular app.


Change logs of Facebook lite

Facebook being a reputed company keeps its users updated by making its app more useful for them and adding more things to it. Here are the changelogs of Facebook lite

  • Some bugs of earlier version are now fixed.
  • It has increased the stability of app.

How to download Facebook lite

  • You can get this app easily by just clicking on the download button we have provided.
  • Locate download file and install it in your phone. After this you can use your app.