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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteThere is no doubt that Facebook has made our life easier. Be it for using for personal use such as chatting, tagging or professional use, Facebook is indeed worth using app. Since ever the social media site is launched, people are way too active as compared to the earlier times in terms of connecting each other. In the busy and hectic life, we all don’t get sufficient time to socialize and hence, Facebook made it for us. But the only major issue in using the app of Facebook is the amount of data it takes just for normal browsing only and also the memory it takes which makes it hard for those who do not have much space on their smartphones. And to overcome this issue, the new app has been launched name Facebook Lite. As the name says, Facebook lite is the lighter version of regular app and can be used without 4G or 3G speed too. In fact, if your net is slow like 2G, you can still use the app. There are many more features one can enjoy in the app. Let’s take a quick look.

Features of Facebook Lite

  • Tagging
  • Mentioning name
  • Low data using application
  • Free of cost
  • Change Log of Facebook
  • Increased the stability
  • Fixed the bugs

How to download Facebook Lite

Just click on the given link and accept the terms and conditions. Once you do the process, you will be able to use Facebook lite without using much data.