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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteFacebook is a big part of all our lives. When it was introduced, nobody thought that it will be the biggest social media site. Due to our busy schedule, we do not get time to remember each other’s birthday, visit each other or even call. But thanks to Facebook which never let us feel apart. We all can be in touch with our loved ones through Facebook. Also, if someone is out of country, we can either give them a normal call through facebook or a facebook video call. It is really a blessing for all of us. But since Facebook’s app is a big file and also takes a lot of data, it was difficult to use it all time. But thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for launching Facebook Lite. It is no different thing but takes a less data and space. In fact, you can call it a better version of our normal app.

Features of Facebook Lite

  • Share memes- You can scroll down, like pages and share different memes to your friends.
  • Tag people- If you like something, you can also share it while tagging the person.
  • Post on timelines- If you have no time for texting, you can also drop a message on each other’s timelines.
  • Share pictures- You can always share your pictures and updates and keep the privacy setting according to you.
  • Stalk- You can also stalk your fiancé by visiting his profile.

Change logs of Facebook Lite

  • Made the app work faster on slow internet
  • Uploads pictures with a good speed

How to download Facebook Lite

You can simply click on the given link and download Facebook Lite and save your precious data and a lot of internal memory.