Download Canva 1.7.5

Editorial Team

CanvaCanva is one of the leading graphic design apps for Android devices, you can create amazing designs everyday without having to use any Complex software. Canva is an All-in-One photo editor app where you can make photo collage invitation card designs greeting card and much more using just one app on your smartphone. Create eye catching graphic designs on your phone without needing any design skills, Canva makes it very easy for anyone to make beautiful designs and good morning and evening messages anywhere anytime in a matter of minutes. If you are the kind of person who uses social media a lot then you can really benefit with this app because it lets you create great designs on your smartphone, you can create I catching Instagram stories WhatsApp status and Facebook stories with Canva and the app has a very simple user interface which does not require any time to getting used to.

Facebook posts become a breeze using Canva because you can write your status on a very pretty background or a fitting picture that allows you to convey the message even more clearly and reach a wider audience. You can also create great Facebook covers for your profile using Canva on your smartphone. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms but the only complaint its users have is double limit and that is why most people use pictures with text when they want to post a longer message and Canva helps you do just that but helps you create a new account eye pleasing picture in minutes. You can also create Facebook channel arts and thumbnails for your videos using Canva very easily and you don’t need large, professional and paid apps to do that which has become the norm nowadays

Download Canva 1.7.5 for Android

  • Open browser on your android device.
  • Download Canva on your device.
  • Run Canva and start creating eye catching designs!