Download AnyDesk v1.0.1


AnyDeskSometimes, we have to remotely connect to a computer for something important. Many people simply assume that it is not possible to remotely control another computer. However, that is not true. AnyDesk v1.0.1 has made it possible to connect to another laptop or desktop placed anywhere in the world remotely. This software allows you to control a computer in a manner as if you are physically present in front of that computer. AnyDesk v1.0.1 is trusted by thousands of company, if you have a task that requires you to establish a remote connection with another device, then AnyDesk v1.0.1 is the app for you.

AnyDesk v1.0.1 is available across all the platforms. However, it is most popular on Windows. The magnitude of the remote connection varies. For example, for a company, the number of connections required will be extremely large. To suit everyone, AnyDesk is available in three versions. Depending upon your requirement, you can go for any one of these versions. In this post, we will first discuss the features of AnyDesk v1.0.1 and then we will proceed to know its downloading process.

Features of AnyDesk v1.0.1

AnyDesk v1.0.1 has plenty of features. Here are the highlights of the most important features of the app.

  • It has three plans to suit all your requirements.
  • It can establish remote connection with other computers.
  • It sets reliable and secure connections.
  • It is available across all the platforms.
  • High-performance rate.
  • Latency-rate is low.
  • Data-transmission rate is fast.
  • No lagging.
  • TLS 1.2 technology is used to secure the connection.
  • Unauthorized access of the remote computer is not possible.

Now that you know how feature-packed AnyDesk v1.0.1 is,, let me tell you how you can download AnyDesk v1.0.1 and install it on your Windows device.

Download AnyDesk v1.0.1

AnyDesk v1.0.1 can be downloaded on your Windows device by following the simple steps given below.

  1. Download the setup file for AnyDesk v1.0.1 for Windows.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. Begin the installation process by following the instructions displayed on your screen.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions of AnyDesk v1.0.1 and click on “Next”.
  5. Click on “Finish”.

The software is now successfully downloaded on your computer and you can use it set up remote connection with other computers and laptops.