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ABCya GamesABCya is an educational website that provides education by the way of gaming. Founded by Alan Tortolani, is United States based company for school-aged children. The term is also abbreviated as ABCya! The site provides educational games for children to enhance learning through

Features of ABCya v1.0.57

●The first and the foremost feature of the site is that enables learning through gaming. Usually, children find learning boring ABCya has solved this glitch in the education system by making education a fun process.
●The games on the website are arranged based on the grades and subject matter of the children. In other words, games are categorized based on Kindergarten to Fifth grade. Categorizations are also based on the subject matter involved such as Letters, Numbers, Symbols, Colours and such other things.
●The site can be accessed on Android, IOS and IPad devices. Amazon Kindle decides also allow running of ABCya.
●It is a teacher created website to allow fun learning by children under the guidance of their teachers and parent. The games are formed by teachers. Math bingo, Create a new Car, etc are some of the
games designed.
●Another feature of the website is that asks for no personal information of the children or family. They are not required to fill any credentials while starting to play the games. The only motive of the website is education by the way of games.
●It is not mandatory for the child to play alone. Parents can accompany their children through family

How to download ABCya v1.0.57?

To download the app in your device, click on the following given link-

Download ABCya