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ABCya GamesDo you remember the days when you used to get scolding from your parents for spending all your day, playing, and avoiding studies just to play with your friends or video games and also the games in mobile phones? HAHA, miss those days? Well at that time it was so annoying like, someone is asking you to stop playing and concentrate on your studies, but have you ever thought of something like learn while you play? I am sure you must have wondered something like this many a times in your childhood. So, guess what? We have brought such an app for your younger ones or for today’s generation kids., It’s a website that provide educational games and activities for the kids of pre-kindergarten to 5th grade.

Features of ABCya v1.0.55

Coming to some features:

  • ABCya provides fun educational games and useful apps for learning.
  • It provides games like Make a face, Create a car, Make a cake etc.
  • Its content is divided into categories like Letters, Numbers, Skills like understanding of shapes, social science, and art.
  • It’s for the kids from pre-kindergarten grade level to 5th grade.
  • Since the app was designed for kids welfare its very user-friendly and has an animated look.
  •  Its free for PCs and requires a paid subscription for using a mobile application for which they provide valid payment card information as a part of subscription account.
  • Do read the payment terms carefully before applying for subscription.

How to download ABCya v1.0.55?

You can download the ABCya app from the given below link-

Download ABCya