Download ABCya v1.0.52

Editorial Team

ABCya GamesAlan Tortolani , a school teacher, founded ABcya  in 2004. ABcya is a website specialising in educational activities and games for children starting from kindergarten to Grade five and the website generates a traffic averaging 13 million visitors per month as of April, 2016.

Features of ABCya v1.0.52

  • It is a secure website that does not collect the child’s or the parent’s personal information and allows them to access and play games in the website without disclosing their personal details.
  • Although, the advertisements may appear in the PC version, it is free of cost. People subscribing through smartphones have to pay a nominal fee and shall enjoy an advertisement free experience.
  • The games are age appropriate and are sorted on the basis of the child’s grade. The games available for kindergarten students will be different from the games available for a child studying in Grade five. The child, may, if he wishes to, can access all the games available for different grades.
  • The games include multiplication mine or writing a letter to Santa that improves a child’s mathematical skills and also, encourages their creativity.

How to download ABCya v1.0.52?

ABCya supports the latest versions of Firefox, chrome and internet explorer on PC. It requires upwards of version 8 on these browsers. It also supports iOS, Android and even Amazon Kindle. The ABcya app can be downloaded in your smartphones via the link provided in their website. It requires Android version 5, iOS 8 and Fire OS version 4.5 and upwards to operate. To download the app in your device click the following link.

Download ABCya