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ABCya GamesIt is of no doubt that technology has revolutionized the field of education. Today, many e-resources, e-teaching aids are available. It is also noteworthy that many universities and colleges are offering online distant education courses, which stand on par with the regular courses. In this age, school education has become increasingly competitive and hectic. ABCya helps to reduce this load and make it fun and interactive through its edutaining games and activities. With content exclusively for school children, ABCya is one of the leading platforms providing e-learning games. Let’s look more into the features of ABCya here.

Features of ABCya v1.0.50

Here are few features of ABCya that makes it stand apart from the rest of similar platforms.

  • Available for all platforms- ABCya is available for all platforms like Windows (through the browsers), Android and IOS and runs flawlessly and smoothly.
  • Award-Winning Content- It’s content has won many awards and are very popular among the parents and children in the US.
  • Free to play on Browsers- Yes, ABCya games are completely free to play on the website. You need to pay only if you want to use it on your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Affordable rates- When considering the cost-quality comparison, the content of this app is actually more than just worth for the money you pay. What more, it is also affordable.
  • Grade-wise content- Games for a first-grade child will be completely different from those for a fifth-grade child. You can also browse the games based on their grades (There are filters available for that as well).

How to Download ABCya v1.0.50?

To try out the exciting and educating games for your child, download it from here.

Download ABCya