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ABCya GamesTechnology has revolutionized almost all spheres of human life. The arena of education is not excluded from this. Gone are the days when education used to take place only in the classrooms through teachers and books. Technology has enabled computers, television and even the smartphones to become educational aids. Learning has become fun and simple through online
videos, tutorials, interactive games, etc and this has grown to the extent that the universities are offering online distant courses through e-learning aids. When it comes to school children, online platforms like ABCya have been successful in developing learning content in the form of animations and interactive games.

Features of ABCya v1.0.45

Here are a few features of ABCya which make it stand out amongst other e-learning platforms.

  • Thousand of educative games to choose from- Learning and teaching become more effective when learnt through games. ABCya offers thousands of interactive edutaining games to choose from.
  • Grade-wise games- It has hundreds of games for each of the grades, making it more convenient for parents or teachers to use them.
  • Excellent Search Filter- You can search for content on ABCya using the filters that search for content based on criteria like age, grade, etc.
  • Award Winning and Certified content- It’s content has been the recipient of many awards and also each of its games is certified by the certification body as being K-4.
  • Free Access in the Website- If you access ABCya from the website through your PC, it’s completely free. Only using in mobiles and tablets need a paid subscription.

How to Download ABCya v1.0.45?

If you are looking to enhance your kid’s learning experience, download ABCya from the given link to
Download it and install it by following the on-screen instructions and let your kid enjoy the educative

Download ABCya