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Counter-Strike is the most popular online game where shooting is the main theme. It has been more than a decade, and then this game has remained as one of the best games in the world. The skills of the players can be tested well in the different scenarios and the places of the game. Counter-strike belongs to the first-person shooter action genre game. There are two teams in this game, where one team plays the role of the terrorist while the other plays the role of the anti-terrorists. They have to respectively plant bombs, keeps people hostage and defuse bombs and rescue the hostage. In every round, the players are given few seconds to buy the weapons which are needed to play the game. The equipment which is bought in the game includes body armour, weapons, bomb disposal things and grenades. The money to buy this equipment in the game is earned by the players in the previous round of the games.

Counter-Strike can be played for free; the only thing that you need to do is install the game and launch it. The game can be played online or on a LAN (Local Area Network). Playing the game single-handedly against the bots can be boring, but things can be made interesting when a large number of players come together for playing it. The latest version of the game was released in 2012 and is known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game can be played online and on platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation and Xbox.

Counter-Strike Screenshot

Counter-Strike Game Details

Game NameCounter-Strike
Game DeveloperValve
Initial ReleaseNovember 9, 2000
Supported PlatformsMicrosoft Windows
License TypeFree