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MangaStream provides high-quality scans of issues with English language translations.That’s why MangaStream remains top favorite when it comes to the quick release of most recent issues of popular Manga series. Every manga lover eagerly awaits the latest issue, but not everyone can read Japanese. And if you haven’t noticed, there are no ads on MangaStream! It’s like a dream site of a true Manga lover.

The sole reason why MangaStream exists is to let rest of the world enjoy the recent issues of top Manga series in English. Otherwise, we all would be at the mercy of the publishers who usually take years to release the Japanese Manga series as volumes in other languages.

MangaStream’s strength is the high-quality scans and artistic translations.  Every scan has proper translations that try to maintain the essence written in the original Japanese. Also, you don’t need to register to read any manga issues.

The MangaStream site has several translators who contribute to the issues of a particular series. The most interesting part is that unlike other scene groups, MangaStream writes about the learning curve and process involved in learning the Japanese language.

Every page has English translations correctly typeset to give you a seamless experience of reading manga. You can even find translations of actions or sounds. That helps to understand what’s actually happening in a panel without a speech bubble. That too without shabby text overlays or poor image-editing work. One of the better things about MangaStream is how the translators often discuss their constant struggle and methods of translating Japanese text.

MangaStream often provides colored cover pages and also invites contributors who are well-versed with the craft to paint the custom pages. You can find the top running mangas right from Hajime No Ippo to One Piece, and even One-Punch Man.

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