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Lorem Ipsum

The Lorem Ipsum had its roots in classical Latin literature and used widely in the printing industry. You must have come across a text that you couldn’t possibly comprehend and it would start with these two words — Lorem Ipsum. It’s not some foreign language but just a dummy or placeholder text.

It is a famous pangram type used to fill the layout area in mockups, mostly by the designers. The Lorem Ipsum placeholder is useful in many scenarios — the final copy of the text is not ready, you only want to make a mockup, want to test a new printer or printing process. The reasons can be many, but it always serves its purpose.

Whether you are web designer to a student working on a project, you can use the placeholder text to visualize what the design would look. The design might be further used for testing different things — from scripts to layouts. Especially with the blog design or a template design, on might want to test out the responsiveness of the text or how it looks on mobile or a tablet.

But using the same dummy text would get boring. So check out these sites to generate custom

Lorem Ipsum Generator

The Fillerama is a tribute Lorem Ipsum generator for the pop-culture fans. It carries words stylised by the mega-blockbuster movies and series such as Star Wars, The Simpsons, Futurama, Doctor Who, and others. You can select any of them from the right column.

It is simple and perfect. You get just enough options to generate text. You get several foreign languages to support the dummy text that you are trying to make.

You can create random text by paragraphs, lists, words, and bytes.

Another fantastic site that not only lets you generate text in Lorem Ipsum but also options like Kafka, Pangram, Werther and more.

You can also adjust the width, pick different fonts, font size, alignment, and so on.