Minecraft Pocket Edition is a popular game where the imagination of the player is the limit. Whatever you can image, you can build it in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Many people have described it as a magical game because it gives wings to the player. The platform of the game is actually a construction site whereby using block, you can build things, from castles to a small house. There are four modes in the game. The first mode is the Creative Mode where the gamer is given unlimited resources to build things. The second mode is the Survival Mode where the gamer is given limited resource and time where they have to play the episode. The third mode is the Spectacular Mode where the players are given the freedom to move anywhere and the fourth mode is the Hardcore Mode where the player is only given one chance of survival.

Though the game can be played in the multiplayer mode but also the single player can play the game alone. The player in Minecraft Pocket Edition has to gather resources, fight, do crafting and explore the surrounding. The game has been downloaded by more than 144 million people making it the most popular game. The game is available in all platform including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS.