Google Play Services is a background service that runs on Android device and is offered by Google. For maintaining other apps of the Android smartphone, Google Play Services cannot be ignored. The service is most often used while updating other apps of your smartphone. Other services which are offered by Google Play Services includes authentication of other Google services, access to privacy setting. It also synchronizes contact is used in location-based APIs. Also, if you play games on your phone, Google Play Services is a must.

The actual use of Google Play Services comes into play when the user-experience of the Android smartphone user has to be enhanced when he/she is using the smartphone. Before updating other apps through this service, it is recommended that you update Google Play Services first. If you uninstall or disable Google Play Services, many problems will arise on the phone. You cannot ignore the service of it if you want other apps to work properly on your phone. Used in more than five billions smartphones, it is the essential background service that runs on your phone. Please note that the version of Google Play Services required for your device depends on the Android version in which your smartphone is running.

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