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TurboTaxMichael Chipman of Chipsoft built a tax-preparation software in the mid 1980s called the TurboTax. It was acquired by Intuit Corporation in 1993. Intuit Corporation is based in San Diego and headquartered in Mountain
View, California. TurboTax is one of the most famous tax-preparation software in United States of America. It helps users to get a maximum tax refund for federal and state income tax returns.

Features of TurboTax 4.14.9

Features of TurboTax app include:

  • Guiding users step-by-step to identify business purchases.
  • Scanning bank and credit card transactions.
  • Tracking expenses and miles automatically.
  • Capturing receipts through mobile devices.
  • Helping users to find new tax deductions and credits they may be eligible for, including tips to earn maximum refund.
  • Maximising business deductions for phone, vehicles, supplies, etc., and covering rental property income and tax deductions.
  • Reporting sales of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds accurately and calculating capital gains/losses on tax returns.
  • Personalizing answers about health insurance, paycheck withholding, retirement savings, and more from the leading tax software for investors.
  • Accessing prior year returns.
  • Safe and Secure Tax Info.
  • The complete check feature runs a comprehensive review of the entire tax return before filing and walks users through any changes to ensure nothing gets missed.

How to download TurboTax 4.14.9?

TurboTax is very easy to use and includes federal and state e-filing, with over 350 automated tax deductions to help identify every deduction which is perfect for independent contractors and small businesses. It does not have an application and requires signing-in. It has four editions- Free Edition, Free Edition Plus, Deluxe Plus and Premier Plus and each one of them have more features than the previous edition. To download click the below given link-

Download TurboTax