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Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a software built for Mac OS X. You can transfer your file easily from your Mac to an Android smartphone with just a drag. Connect the Android smartphone with Mac OS X with a USB cable, and then you can proceed to transfer and manager the content of both the devices. Android File Transfer allows you even to mount the Android smartphone. Without copying anything to your Mac device, you can enjoy movies, videos, music and photos from Android smartphone in Mac OS X. Android File Transfer is compatible with MacOS 10.7 and higher. The software also allows MTP transfer.

Google developed the software. For transferring any file using Android File Transfer, you have to connect your smartphone with your Mac device and then select the MTP option. Please note that for using the software, it is mandatory to have a free space of 19.75 MB.

Android File Transfer Screenshot

Android File Transfer App Details

App NameAndroid File Transfer
App DeveloperGoogle LLC
Supported PlatformsMacOS
License TypeFree
CategoryPhone & PDA