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Rufus is an open source application which helps you to create bootable USB drives from ISO images. Rufus is an abbreviated form of Reliable USB formatting Utility. It is 25% faster than other tools. This application is light weight and easy to use. Pete Batard’s application Rufus supports these ISOs- Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Archbang, NT Password Registry Editor, OpenSUSE,  BartPE/pebuilder, CentOS, Ubuntu, Damn Small Linux, Ultimate Boot CD, Fedora, FreeDOS, Gentoo, gNewSense, Hiren’s Boot CD, LiveXP, Knoppix, Kubuntu, Parted Magic, Slackware, Tails, Trinity Rescue Kit,  Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. This app has been created to help you in the below cases-

  • When you want to create bootable USB flash drives from ISOs for different platforms.
  •  If your system does not have pre-installed operating system.
  • If you want to flash BIOS on DOS or any other firmware.
  •  If you want to run low level utility on your system.

Rufus Screenshot

Rufus App Details

DeveloperPete Batard
Initial Release2011
Supported Languges Azərbaycanca , Bahasa Indonesia , Bahasa Malaysia , Български , Čeština , Dansk , Deutsch ,
Ελληνικά , English , Español , Français , Hrvatski , Italiano , Latviešu , Lietuvių , Magyar , Nederlands ,
Norsk , Polski , Português , Português do Brasil , Русский , Română , Slovensky , Slovenščina , Srpski ,
Suomi , Svenska , Tiếng Việt , Türkçe , Українська , 简体中文 , 正體中文 , 日本語 , 한국어 , ไทย ,
עברית , العربية , فارسی .