Download Kijiji v6.9.0

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is an online media app that is used for buying and selling stuff among people. In Canada it is the number one classified site for online trading. This app provide a medium to the sellers to show their product for sale and the interested and willing parties can contact them to acquire the products. Being Canada’s number one classified site it deals in a vast variety of products and also offers along list of services. You have to register with the app to explore the vivid range products and services that it offers and seal the best deal according to your budget and requirement.

Kijiji v6.9.0 offers you the best and the widest range and category of products that no other app can offer and it also offer special privileges to its members so in order to avail these benefits you just have to register with the app and then you can became a member and enjoy special offers on the deals and take the first mover advantage. Kijiji v6.9.0 deals in real estate business and if you want you can also avail the best houses on rent in your area or if you have a vacant property you can earn some extra cash by renting it out, you can even sell your house or apartment and some willing party can purchase it.Another great feature of this app is that it also allows to pay or receive money for your purchase or sale transaction. And the services it offers are safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about any type of fraud or illegal activity because Kijiji v6.9.0 got it all covered for you.

How to download Kijiji v6.9.0 directly to your device

  • Make sure that your device is connected to the internet with a smooth and stable connection.
  • After ensuring that you can go to the default set browser and Download Kijiji.
  • After the download is completed install the app.
  • Now register on the app and get started.