Download Quizlet v4.5.7

Editorial Team

QuizletThe application we present in front of you today is a perfect blend of fun, knowledge and learning. Quizlet is a learning app which is helpful to both students as well the teachers. Quizlet helps the teachers in creating lesson plans and prepping for class material and Quizlet also helps the students to study more effectively and more efficiently. It also has some interactive features for the students to study in a fun way and do not get bored. Features like Flashcard, games, different tests etc. The application was created by Andrew Sutherland in the year 2005 and released its first version in 2007. In the United States Quizlet is used by 2-in-3 schools and 1-in-3 colleges. The basic idea here is to make learning easier so that each student will be able to get a firm grip in school and in the college.

Quizlet is available in 18+ languages and in the year 2016 Quizlet made into the top 50 websites in the USA in terms of web traffic. The app is getting bigger and better each day and Quizlet is making an extra effort to simplify the studies for students and help them in learning without putting too much pressure. Quizlet has over 200 million flashcard sets, it provides API in which user can download and upload flashcards, modifying user’s flashcards and finding definitions created by other users. Quizlet is the best learning tool available on the net and with the ratings of 4.6 out of 5 on the Google play store, it is certain that no learning tool is better than Quizlet. This app is also very good for homeschooling. It is proven that 95% of students have shown signs of improvement in their studies with the help of Quizlet.

Download Quizlet v4.5.7 on Android.

  • Open Chrome or any other browser that you prefer.
  • Now Download Quizlet and wait for it to download then Install.
  • Now learning is going to be fun with the Quizlet app.