Download Mapquest v1.6.2

Editorial Team

mapquestMapquest is one of the leading navigation apps that works in North America and it is one of the most useful apps that you can have on your smartphone if you drive or walk a lot because it can help you check real time traffic, look for public transport, nearby shops, restaurants and much more. This app is compatible with all the major operating systems, from Windows to IOS Android and Number of languages as well which makes it easier for people to use this app in their language. Mapquest also has a street feature that allows you to drop a pin anywhere on the road and if the feature is supported in the area it will show you a 360 map of the place you are selected so you can check it out without having to visit it in real life.

Mapquest is also a lifesaver if you drive a lot in your car because it provides you with real time traffic updates so you can choose the best route facing the least traffic and reach the destination on time, every time. It also has live traffic camera feature that will help you look at The Road conditions ahead of time so you can choose which route to take facing the least resistance which will save you a lot of time while commuting to work everyday. mapquest also has a feature that allows you to book hotels directly from this app and get good deals on the prices of hotels and flights so you can save your money and time.

Download Mapquest v1.6.2 for Android

  1. Run your internet browser and open this page.
  2. Download Mapquest v1.6.2 and wait for it to be downloaded on your smartphone.
  3. Open file manager and located the downloaded apk file and install it on your android device.
  4. Open the app and start navigating!