Download MapQuest v1.4.2

Editorial Team

mapquestMapQuest, a web mapping service for U.S.A., will help you make most of your journey and will direct you towards your destination very conveniently and efficiently. It is available in application format all types of devices; androids, iOS devices and windows operated devices as well. It gives you layers of various services, where you can find anything that you are looking from hotels to restaurants, hospital to specific doctors, and shopping complexes to auto repair shops in nearby area or in required area, anywhere. You just have to enter your starting point and your destination, and MapQuest v1.4.2 will do the job for you by finding the best route. Also, you can add stops in-between, and it will find for you the best suited route.

Now all you have to do is set it on your device and drive to your destination. In addition, you can opt for various other setting while choosing suitable route like avoiding toll, avoiding seasonal roads or country borders etc. you can also zoom in and zoom out in map, share map through external apps or via email and find your location at the moment. MapQuest v1.4.2 has a national parks guide which is very helpful for tourists. You can choose to see distance unit in miles and kilometers, as per your convenience. It works as platform to book hotels, flights, and rental cars directly. You can sign up with MapQuest  v1.4.2, for future ease, by tapping on sign up option available on home screen of website; a window appears wherein you need to put in your details like name, email id, a new password, DOB and your gender. Once you are registered you can log in to your account and take the benefit of its service anytime, anywhere.

Procedure to Download MapQuest v1.4.2 on all Android devices

  • Open the device and turn on the WiFi connection to connect to a network.
  • Now to proceed just tap on the link to Download MapQuest.
  • Then all you have to do is just install the app on your device.
  • And now you can freely navigate.