Download MapQuest 1.5.2

Editorial Team

mapquestMapQuest is a free web mapping site based in the USA. The app is around us since the starting of the Internet. The app has so many features and it is an absolute delight for the people who like to go on a trip and have a lot of fun. Back in 2000, MapQuest used satellite images to make their app better but they have to close it down due to a copyright claim. MapQuest has launched 22 years ago in 1996 and has been part of our lives ever since. MapQuest has made many changes over the years to improve their app and give the best traveling experience possible to their customers. In the year 2004 MapQuest added a new option named MapQuest Find Me. It is a buddy finder service which is worked on GPS. Through this option, you can find the locations of your peers.

After two years MapQuest added another option of customizing your own route. In this, you can customize your route and put stop marks between the distance as per your convenience. The CEO of the company changed a couple of times, they also collaborated with General Motors’ OnStar in order to expand their resources and their customer areas. MapQuest has many cool features like voice guided-navigation, turn-by-turn navigation service, real-time traffic etc. MapQuest also tells you about the nearest gas station and the price of Gasper station and you can also search for hotels, restaurants, airports, Railway Stations etc and MapQuest will show you the most appropriate and correct answers regarding your search. MapQuest has been working for decades to make our journey safe and convenient. The current CEO and the key person of the MapQuest family is Tim Armstrong. You can download MapQuest on your iOS and Android smartphones. MapQuest still comes under top 3 Mapping sites.

Download MapQuest 1.5.2 for Android.

  • Make sure you have data turned on.
  • Open Chrome and Download MapQuest.
  • Now enjoy the features of MapQuest.