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MalwarebytesMalwarebytes Corporation released an anti-malware software in January 2006 which is used to scan and remove malware. In December 2016 Malwarebytes Inc. released version 3.0 to public. It actually provides protection against malware, ransomware and malicious websites. It is available for free, also a paid version is available for additional features. This
software is available in thirty languages.

Features of Malwarebytes

 Being a scanner primarily it scans and removes malicious software which includes spyware, adware, rouge security software.
Malwarebytes is available for operating systems like Microsoft windows, android, macOS, iOS. Cleaning of infected devices and stopping of ransom attacks can be done by this.
 Systems which has the possibility of being attacked or harmed are shielded by this software from both new and unknown viruses.
 A warning will be given for the users if any website, server or network is infected and finds them immediately.
 Using of programs against to the users can be prevented by using four layered defence. Browsers and programs are wrapped to avoid attacks against them.
 Hyper scan mode is which makes the scanning process fast and efficient. Hacking attempts, harmful advertisements are also warned.
 It is managed centrally and can find all network endpoints. Other tasks can be performed even while scanning of malware is being done.
 As it deals with virus detection, protection and removal there is no need to install different software to provide services.

How to download Malwarebytes?

Now protect your device from malicious attacks by downloading this software. Click on the link provided to download.

Download Malwarebytes