Download Kijiji v6.41.0

Editorial Team

KijijiKijiji is a website which is used to buy or sell items like a car, bikes, scooter, phone, computer, job, real estate etc. this website is mainly used in Canada. you can chat with the buyer/seller on this website and can bargain in prices too by chatting with them. you just need to visit Kijiji’s official website and then you have to make an account on it in order to buy or sell anything on that website. after that, you have to select the area in which you want to see products to buy or sell. you can ask for their contact number in the chat box if you want to fix the meeting. you can block the user if you want and if he/she is misbehaving with you.

Kijiji is totally free and is almost ad-free so surf it as you own it, haha. you can sell new items on this website as well as old items too on this website. the products which are not coming in any use of yours,  just post an ad of it on Kijiji and it will be sold in just some days and you will get a good amount for it. make sure you are dealing with a right guy so before meeting, confirm his/her identify first by visiting his/her profile. this app verifies everything before signing in so don’t worry so much because no one can do fraud on this website. this website is listed as Canada’s #1 buying and selling website. you will find almost everything on this website. you do not have to install any app to use Kijiji. just visit it’s an official website.

Download Kijiji v6.41.0 for Android

  1. Open Chrome on your phone.
  2. Visit this webpage.
  3. Download Kijiji.
  4. Wait for the app to install successfully.
  5. Run Kijiji.