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IMVUIMVU is basically an online virtual simulation game that allows the user to chat and socialize with strangers around the world. The games do so by allowing the user to create a 3D avatar of themselves. The 3D avatar is highly customizable and there are various dressing options for the same. Instead of using video chat, the user can create a personalized simulated version of themselves and use that to chat with people around the world. The game is absolutely free of cost. Due to popular demand, the game has now been launched as an app as well.

Features of IMVU 514.2

  • Create personalized avatar-The app allows the user to make an avatar which may or may not resemble themselves. The Avatar would be a 3D avatar which the user can use to access the app.
  • Free of cost- The app is free of cost and the user need not spend any money to access the app.
    Highly customisable-IMVU allows the user to customize their avatar as they want to. There’s a wide range of accessories that the user can choose from.
  • Communication-The main motto of the game is communication. The app allows the users to communicate with each other using this virtual reality game. No matter what the distance is, the users can connect with anyone
    using the internet.
  • Easy to use-The app is pretty easy to use and anyone can easily access the app. IMVU app is user-friendly and has a good interface to top it all.

How to download IMVU 514.2

The link to download the IMVU app is given here. Click to download and enjoy your world of virtual reality.

Download IMVU