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IMVUIMVU is a 3D based social media app where the user gets to create their own Avatar and meet new friends online. The user can customise the look of their avatar to make them look more realistic. Users can use this app I’m order to chat with people around the world and make new friends. IMVU is basically a virtual world simulator that helps the user have a social chat with the people around them. The user can live the lives they dreamt of through the eyes of their 3D avatar. They can personalize and customise the Avatar as per their choice.

Features of IMVU 513.8

  • Free of cost-The app is completely free of cost. The user does not have to pay to download the app.
  • Create and customise avatars- IMVU gives users the Liberty to create and customise their own avatars. They can customise their avatar’s hair colour, outfit, shoes and so on. The 3D avatar is a simulated version of their imagination.
  • Social chat- IMVU allows the users to meet on this platform and chat with players around the world. The players can make friends with people from every corner of the Earth.
  • Chat with emojis- IMVU allows the users to use emojis in order to communicate their message to the other person. Unlike many other simulations, IMVU gives the user the Liberty to use emojis in order to chat.
  • Virtual Life- The user can create the life they always dreamt of. IMVU helps the users to watch a simulation of their dream lives.

How To Download The IMVU App?

IMVU is easily available on the internet. However, to download the app click on the link given below.

Download IMVU