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GroupMeGroupMe lets you create groups with people from various aspects of one’s life like those of friends, family, work and games. The thing that makes it different from other messaging apps is that you can easily create groups and one can easily chat with the group even if they don’t have the app installed over SMS. It supports the worlds most used operating systems such as Android and iOS. Built keeping in mind almost every device hardware, GroupMe runs easily on any supported device. Some of the features which make it different are:

Features of GroupMe 5.14.1

 If in a group, a member has a phone which doesn’t support this application, they can still chat using SMS with other participants making it really easy for people to communicate from every corner of the world. You just need to add the person to the group and everyone is good to go.
 Share almost any media type over the groups such as images, videos, photos, and files.
 Create groups with people from everywhere, be it a work or family.
 Create multiple groups and chat with everyone from within a single application.
 Manage and mute selective people or whole groups and check on the people you care for most with ease of mind.
 GroupMe works seamlessly on multiple devices letting everyone chat meaning you can chat on your mobile phone and pick up that chat when you get back home and your other device.
 Let’s you like specific messages, share your location and send emoji’s to make the chat much more interesting.

How to download GroupMe 5.14.1

Download GroupMe and make group chat productive:

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