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GroupMeTechnology has really changed how we communicate with each other and amongst ourselves. We have gone from writing letters to calling, to emailing, to messaging and then to video calling. But all these technologies have aimed the same thing, in general, that is to bring people together, and form a sense of closeness and community among people. GroupMe is one such application that aims at bringing about a sense of community and closeness with the people we chose to interact. GroupMe is an all in one communication application that allows it’s user to connect with other users and form groups, share media, and other information. It is the simplest the way of being connected with your friends, coworkers, teams and so on.

Features of GroupMe 5.13.1

The following are few of the features of the application:

  • It is an easy method to add an individual for communication on the application, via their mobile phone numbers of their email addresses. Once a connection is set, the users can chat away!
  • The user is given full control of the notifications from the application, and the user can choose when and when not to get notifications, and also from whom.
  • An exclusive set of emoji collection is available to the user to express more than just words in their communication with other users.
  • Links and URLs that are shared on a group on the application can be viewed directly and no redirection occurs, making the entire internet your group.
  • The media that is shared on the groups are saved in Gallery and are available to go through and relive later in later times.
  • The application also is accessible via a computer, thus making it available all time anywhere.
  • The  GroupMe application is available for download on Android devices as well as Apple devices, thus rendering it very helpful in communication.

How to download GroupMe 5.13.1?

To download click the given link.

Download GroupMe