Download Google Earth

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Google EarthGoogle Earth is a program that gives you a represenation of the earth with the help of satellite images. It lets you view different terrains, monuments, buildings, galaxies, canyons, oceans etc. You can explore rich geographical content and also share them with your friends. Google Earth is mainly used for educational purposes, urban are planning nad mapping out field trips. Many important discoveries have come due to the satellite imaging which people have posted on personal blogs and official websites. It is written in C++ and was first released in June 11, 2001. It works on Microsoft windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Features of Google Earth

The main features of this programme cum app are:

  • Almost any kind of physical element can views through Google Earth.
  • Users can add their own data by the use of keyhole markup language and upload them through internet forums or blogs.
  • Allows for viewing of changes in agriculture, landscape, resources and climate using geospatial data.
  • Oceanography, lunar and Mars exploration is also available.
  • Google Earth offers historical mapping. It allows you to view how a particular landscape has changed over a given period of time.
  • Personalize your journey in google earth by the touring feature. Press record and add a sountrack or narration to make it more attractive.
  • Flight simulator game included.
  • Panoramio features photos uploaded by panoramio users.
  • Traffic data is also monitored in real life.
  • Liquid Galaxy, the cluster of computers running Google Earth makes it an enriching experience to use.

How to download Google Earth

To download the software, click the link below.