Download Google Earth 5.1.3505 Beta

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Google EarthGoogle earth is a free application that allows the user to explore the world on their fingertips. This app shows the user a 3 Dimensional globe of the planet Earth. This is done with satellite imagery, Arial photography and other techniques. The virtual 3 dimensional globe can be tilted, rotated and zoomed in or out. The more the user zooms in the more pertinent information can be noticed. The app also allows people to search for cities, states, landmarks and businesses both with the help of keypad search or voice.

Features of Google Earth 5.1.3505 Beta


  • 3 Dimensional imagery- The image of the earth is portrayed with a 3D globe which gives the user a clearer and more realistic look and feel.


  • Street view- The Google Earth app also links with Google street view, this allows the user to explore multiple locations at street level view.


  • Flight simulator- In Google earth a feature exists called flight simulator, this stimulator can be controlled with a mouse or a joystick. This completely runs on animation, consists of planets and other heavenly bodies animate in the stimulator.


  • Liquid Galaxy- A feature that creates and immersive experience. The liquid galaxy has been used as a panoramic photo viewer with the help of KRpano.


  • Virtual image- The 3 dimensional virtual image of the earth can be rotated, zoomed in or out and tilted as per the user. This gives the user liberty to explore the earth the way the user wants to.

How To Download The Google Earth App?

Google Earth is free of cost and is easily available on the internet. However, the safest link to download the software is given below.

Click on the link to get access to Google Earth.

Download Google Earth