Download Facebook v1.8.3

Editorial Team

FacebookIn today’s world we all love to use social networking sites and one of the most popular among them is Facebook. Facebook enable people to connect with each other by sharing their pictures, texting and many more. One can upload pictures, videos and share updates easily anytime. Facebook was launched on Feb 4, 2004 with the motive of connecting people around the world. It is also a faster way to send instant messages with the feature of live video chatting. While using it you don’t have to worry about your privacy as Facebook with numerous number of features is mostly concern with all user’s privacy, it allow users to set privacy on who can see which posts or information that they have uploaded.

You can block unknown or any person on Facebook account or messages with just few clicks. You can also check this list of blocked accounts easily and unblock users whenever you want to. You can temporary upload pics or thought on your story and here you can also manage your privacy. Users can follow pages and create page of themselves. Facebook users can edit their pictures on it by using different filters there is no need to install any other editor for this purpose. Enjoy your social life on Facebook with so many different features and privacy.

Features of Facebook v1.8.3

Following are the features of Facebook v1.8.3

  • No need to worry about privacy.
  • Upload numerous number of pics and videos and get likes from other users.
  • Message your friends instantly.
  • Create your own page or follow other interesting pages.

How to download Facebook v1.8.3

Following are the steps to download Facebook v1.8.3

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Download Facebook APK.
  3. Navigate to file manager and search downloaded Facebook APK.
  4. Click on ”install”.
  5. After completion of installation you can register in Facebook and start using it.