Download Facebook Lite

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Facebook LiteFacebook lite is an application serving social media which provides all the features of original Facebook application with usage of less data. Facebook lite was introduced on June 4, 2015.It became user friendly application supporting all types of network speeds. The application size of Facebook lite is less than 2MB which saves disk space.

Features of Facebook Lite

Facebook lite got the following features-

  • Facebook lite has dynamic text type, credits, graph search, feature phones and IPv6.
  • You can listen with friends with mood faces through poke and greetings.
  • Facebook lite includes smartphone integration and fundraising, which brought revolutionary change in social media.
  • Apart from above features Facebook lite includes status updates and subscription.
  • In order to facilitate effective usage it provides URL shortener and call to action services.
  • Music lovers gets fascinated by the unique feature of FB lite’s sound collection music archive.
  • User can trust Facebook lite for its privacy settings through tor hidden service.
  • Hash tagging support is included in Facebook lite in order to tag friends to address the tag.
  • Additional features like impressum, snooze, ticker etc., impress user’s curiosity over the application.
  • A worth mentioning feature viz.,”Did you know”-Social Questionnaire for challenging user’s brain.
  • Live streaming is made handy in the latest of application.
  • Events,market place, platforms, messages, notifications etc., are the basic attractions of the application.
  • Timeline can be made much effective with the editing effects of Facebook.

How to download Facebook Lite

In order to download the Facebook lite application click on the link below the article and install it in your mobile and enjoy Facebook and utilizing all featured features of facebook lite.