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Editorial Team

Facebook LiteAre you tired of the high speed requirements for using Facebook? Well, Facebook has even found a solution for that. It has invented another app called Facebook lite. This app can even work in bad network speed. Though the images take some time to load and are of not the high quality ones, but one can still use the social media site even if the internet speed is slow. This app allows the user to even use Facebook at 2G conditions.

Features of Facebook Lite

It has certain amazing features which makes it a bit different yet similar to Facebook.

  • It works similar to that of Facebook, but the speed of internet does not matter while using Facebook lite.
  • One can even message in low internet connection, which is quite difficult while using Facebook.
  • A user can have all the facilities and features that Facebook offers, in facebook lite, without spending too much of internet.
  • It can work perfectly well even if a person is traveling, where the internet speed is very less, and makes it beneficial for the user.
  • Instead of switching between the tabs, one has to select a particular tab in facebook lite, due to its reduced size and other inbuilt things.

How to download Facebook Lite

If you want to download Facebook lite, the link is given below.  There is no need to worry about high internet connection while using Facebook lite, to remain active in social media site. It provides you all the same features with a less net speed which makes it a lot more easier for people who live in remote places where internet connection is weak.

Download Facebook Lite