Download Facebook Lite

Editorial Team

Facebook LiteUsing Facebook app in your device? Then you must be having storage problem too. Is it right? We all love using Facebook as this is the most popular social networking app which helps us to connect with our friends and relatives and get their updates. But the issue we get in using the Facebook app is storage issue. It takes a lot of storage in our device and thus it often creates a storage deficiency in your device which creates a lot of problems in saving your images or files. To solve this storage problem Facebook has introduced a new app Facebook lite which is the lighter app of the regular Facebook app. Let’s know more about it.

Features of Facebook lite

Like regular app, you can get all features in this Facebook lite app-

  • It will allow you to check other’s updates in your feed.
  • It will allow you to chat with friends.
  • You can check who’s online in your friends list.
  • The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t take much space in the internal memory storage of your device. Thus saves a lot of memory to save your files.
  • You can share your videos and pictures with this app.

How to download Facebook lite?

To download the app in your device click the button. Then, open the file and install it by following instructions.