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CommBankIn this modern world, who does not like to make things happen at the touch of their fingers? Let alone doing their bank transactions over a phone. CommBank is the official banking app of the Bank of Australia. The app allows the users to make transactions and carry out all their bank-related jobs at the touch of their fingers. CommBank is available for both Android and iOS which makes it easy for everyone to use this app. It helps users to pay bills and also helps the users to manage their bank account through this app.

Features of CommBank v2.4.2

  • Free of cost-CommBank app is absolutely free of cost and the user does not have to spend any money in order to use the benefits of this app.
  • Easy to use-The app has a very user-friendly interface which will make it easy for every customer to use this app for their banking needs.
  • Spend tracker-CommBank has its own “Spend Tracker” which helps the user to keep a tab of their expenditure and savings. This is a unique feature of this app.
  • Careless transactions- The app allows the users to do cardless transactions which makes it easy for the customer to not worry about the product.
  • Create a new account- CommBank, like any normal bank, allows the user to make their own private accounts online. The users can avail many benefits by creating an account with the app.

How to download CommBank v2.4.2

The link to download the app is given here. Click on the link and download the app.

Download CommBank