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CommBankThe human kind has traded for millennia and and has had several ways too, to do it. It began with the barter system, were everything was exchange with respect to their value and as time progressed money became coins and then it was paper. With the technologies that we have available to are disposal, even better and far more feasible ways of money safekeeping are used today. One of the primary ones being banking. Banking was like a boon for the common man, allowing loans, savings and so many more things for people to do. As the scope of benefits for the common man rose, with a bank , the importance of a bank for coon folk also increased, with more and more people now needing a banking service or the other, this need was fulfilled by bank applications. Applications that could be operated from anywhere there was network. This allowed a major chunk of population to completely avoid the hassles of in person banking. CommBank is one such application that allows for the user to have all the services and benefits of a bank right in their pockets.

Features of CommBank 3.1.0

The following are some of its features :

  • Using the CommBank application, a user who is also an account holder at Commonwealth Bank of Australia, can check their balance and account details and also make online payments by using a PayID, in a process that is simple and smooth.
  • A user can operate their account in a 128 bit secured interface that is only unlocked by a PIN or a finger print.
  • The app is available for download on the Android and iOS platforms.

How to download CommBank?

You can download CommBank from the given link.

Download CommBank