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CCleanerPCs and laptops store loads of applications, software and different types of files in different formats which make the processor of the PC slow over time. The stacked up unused files threaten the smooth working of a computer. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your laptop or computer free from unwanted files. Piriform in 2004 launched software called CCleaner which has meant to remove the temporary files from the computer. Those files included internet files, codes that pose a threat to the computer, invalid Windows registry. Being one of the longest established cleaners, it has immense features that credit its trust on its users.

Features of CCleaner

Below are listed some of its widely recognized features.

  • Deletes files from programs in the computer such as Microsoft’s Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Windows, Opera, Media Player, GIMP, Adobe Flash Player, Sun Java, WinRAR, WinZip, Microsoft Office, Toolbar, Netscape, etc.
  • Also removes browsing history and cookies.
  • You can easily uninstall and delete program files using this software in your computer.
  • The software is free from spyware and adware.
  • It is professional cleaner software which is free. The upgraded version can charge you.

How to download CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the most trusted software and has a fine reputation. It runs both in windows and
in iOS supported devices. The app is most useful if you want to keep your system clean from unwanted files. You can download it by clicking the link. After which, follow the given
instructions correctly.

Download CCleaner