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CCleanerCCleaner is a utility program designed to clean unwanted files from a computer. Developed in 2004 by Piriform, it was initially exclusive to Microsoft but it was made available for Android in 2014. It is a system optimisation tool that optimises our computers by clearing unwanted files and making space in our hard disk.

Features of CCleaner

  • As mentioned earlier, it boosts the performance of our computer by decluttering unused files that have accumulated over the years .
  • CCleaner also erases a website’s or browsers cookies, thus, making our browsing experience safer by preventing other apps from tracking our behaviour online.
  • The decluttering of unused files not only makes the system stable but also makes the computer less susceptible to crashes. Thus, to an extent, it prevents the loss of data that comes along with system crashes. It also stops background programs or applications that are not required and makes way for a quicker start to our computer.
  • CCleaner is also free of viruses or Spyware and can be operated on any browser ranging from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. It also allows for auto updating.

How to download CCleaner

CCleaner can be downloaded from the link present in the below this article. Click on that link and you will be redirected to a download page, where you can choose the supporting file of of your device. Click on the one which supports your device and download the file. Once you have downloaded, you can open the app and install.

Download CCleaner