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CCleanerPersonal Computers become slow over time, thanks to the cache and other junk stuff that get built in the memory over a period of time. If not cleaned regularly, it may also hamper your system’s performance, gradually rendering at least fit for use. This build up in the memory makes it impossible to install new apps or save new files. PC cleaners like CCleaner help solve this problem. In this article, we shall look more into the features of CCleaner and also how to download it.

Features of CCleaner

Following are the features of CCleaner which make it stand out from the rest of maintenance tools.

  • Makes the Computer Faster- It clears your cache, both in the registry and storage space, thus making your computer faster.
  • Protects Privacy- It erases your browser history so that whatever you browse on the internet remains confidential.
  • Fewer Technical Glitches- It has better functionalities than most other PC cleaning utilities, thanks to its flawless coding and design. So, the software has fewer crashes and works at an optimum level.
  • Faster Start-up- It helps you to disable those programs that start silently at start-up, making your start-up slower. So, your computer will boot up faster and will also run faster.
  • Multiple Platform Support- It is available for almost all popular platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, etc. So clean up all your devices with a single app.

How to Download CCleaner

If you wish to try CCleaner and its features, click on this link

Download CCleaner