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CCleanerCCleaner is a free-to-use application that helps you remove the unnecessary files and junk in your device. It has been downloaded over 20 million times and is available for free on Windows, Android, and Mac devices. It is one of the most popular cleaning apps available across a wide range of wide.

Features of CCleaner 1.38.485

  • Helps in increasing the speed of your phone by removing junk files.
  • Cleans the cache of applications, browsing history and the contents of your clipboard.
  • It frees up the precious storage space in your device by clearing junk files and cache.
  • Users can easily remove multiple applications from their device that are no longer necessary.
  • Provides a list of apps that are constantly draining the battery of your device.
  • Removes all the residual and obsolete files left behind by uninstalled applications.
  • CCleaner can analyze and stop the tasks running behind in the background
  • Its app hibernation feature can freeze the apps running in the background until you open them manually.
  • The app is easy to use and comes with a clean and intuitive user interface which can be navigated easily.
  • Users can monitor the usage of their CPU and its temperature levels.
  • CCleaner provides a detailed view of the current RAM consumption and internal storage space available in your device.
  • It can keep a check on the battery health while providing the current battery level and temperature of your device.
  • The app stats feature provides an overview of all your applications installed in the device with an infographic look so you can manage them efficiently.

How to download CCleaner?

Want to make your phone fast and clean? Download CCleaner here.

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