Download CCleaner 1.32.345

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CCleanerAs you could guess from the name, CCleaner is the application which helps in cleaning your device, whether it’s a PC, iOS or Android device, CCleaner works on every device without much difficulty. It was developed by Piriform and is widely used by users all over the world.

Features of CCleaner 1.32.345

The specific features which separate this app from other clean up applications are stated below.

  • CCleaner optimizes the device and frees up the device from junk. Due to the removal of junk, the speed and efficiency of the device increases.
  • It uninstalls unwanted applications, which the system does not allow and helps in improving the storage capacity of the device. It even deletes certain unwanted files which are stored somewhere in the device and are difficult to search.
  • The application finds the duplicate files and deletes the duplicate one, while the original file is kept secured.
  • The application helps in protecting your privacy by deleting the browser history, when the user closes the tab, by itself or on demand.
  • CCleaner helps in managing the cookies as well.
  • It even deletes the files which the user has deleted earlier, but they are still stored on the Disk.
  • CCleaner helps in deleting files temporary, which can be further recovered by the user, if required.

How to download CCleaner 1.32.345?

The application can be downloaded from the link below. The application was first designed for Windows PC and then further for iOS-based devices. The Android version came later on and is now used widely.

Download CCleaner