Download CCleaner 1.21.130

Editorial Team

CCleanerMany times our system runs slow, but have you ever thought what could be the reason behind this slow speed? Crap files. Yes, there some system files that are created for the time being by the applications and remain in the folders even after being used. These files be deleted otherwise it would take storage of your computer making it slow. However, we can’t differentiate which system generated file should be deleted or not and for this we have CCleaner. It is an app that clears all your junk files and make your system’s speed fast.

Updates of CCleaner 1.21.130

Following updates have been made in the CCleaner 1.21.130 version-

  • It has now moved all the tools and options to the list bar, which will be now opened in the same window. Earlier versions used to open tools in a new window.
  • The issue people were experiencing with the display of list bar in Japanese characters is now resolved.
  • A new parameters of Remove self cleaning is added, which will not just clean the folders instead will delete them.
  • It has now updated the cleaning system for Adobe Reader 7.0, Windows log files, Real Player, SpyBot Search and Destroy.
  • Cleaning for  Microsoft AntiSpyware, Google Earth,PerfectDisk 7.0, Ad-Aware SE Plus, Photoshop CS and CS2, Azureus has been added.
  • Spanish, Swedish and French translation in the application has been updated.
  • Minor tweaks in the interface is made.
  • Minor fixes has been made to display of application tree.

How to download CCleaner 1.21.130?

Click on the button we have given below and install the application on your device.