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ABCya is a limited liability company that provides educational games for school children. It is a renowned site and app often called as ABCya! The app has introduced a huge variety of games for iPhone and ipad. It aims at imbibing educational stuff in children with the help of games. The games on the app are arranged according to grades as well as subjects.

Features of ABCya v1.0.54

The app offers the following features to it’s users-

  • Educational games- ABCya is known for providing education with the help of games. It provides education to schools aged children from kindergarten to fifth grade. Math Bingo and Create a Car are two of the most popular games released by the site. It not only helps in raising the level of education but also grooms the creativity of a child’s mind
  • Teacher created- It is basically a teacher created site wherein the games are designed by teachers. They provide fun and education to children with the combined of efforts of parents and teachers.
  • Categorisation- Their are categorisations made on the basis of grades ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Categorisations  are also made on the basis of subject like letters, numbers, symbols, etc.
  • Platforms- ABCya is available for Iphone, IPad and Android devices including Amazon Kindle. Android version 5 and IOS version support this site.
  • Family login- Family login feature enables parents and children to login as a family. They can play educational games together.
  • No personal information- The app doesn’t require children or parents to fill any personal information regarding themselves. They can log in for free without the need of verification or filling in the credentials.

How to download ABCya v1.0.54?

Users can download ABCya using the following link.

Download ABCya