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Video chat re‑invented

Now that you have Intel® RealSense technology, your video chats can be cooler than ever. Download ooVoo for RealSense and take video chat into the third dimension with all-new Avatar Chat and background replacement capabilities. Transform yourself and your environment and revolutionize the way you communicate with family and friends like never before.

* For use with PC’s with Intel® RealSense technology


  • Avatar Chat — Discover the all-new you.
  • Background Replacement — Invent your virtual world.
  • Animated Background Replacement — Next generation augmentation.

Watch the video to learn more about how Yan Blanco answered the ooVoo Intel®RealSense™ challenge by designing the newest avatar and see the Holotech studio bring the carnivorous plant to life!

Get ooVoo for RealSense™ and join in on the fun!

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Download free virtual backgrounds

Congratulations to the 5 selected artists in the #wheredoyouoovoo challenge Anna Morello, Erhan Atabek, Goran Guspira, Patrick Burke, and Rurouni Chan. Download the winning free virtual backgrounds here.

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About Intel® RealSense technology

The possibilities are limitless. Video chat in a virtual world with immersive 3D experiences. Control your digital world using hand gesture and facial expressions. Create incredible 3D imagery, and more. Learn more at