ViaClix IPTV Solution for Internet/TV Convergence Enhanced with ooVoo Video Chat and Messaging

Technologies Combine to Enable Consumers and Businesses to Use TV Screens
and the Internet for High-Quality Video Communication

LOS GATOS, CA – May 27, 2008 - ViaClix, Inc., a leader in advancing IPTV technology, announced today that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with ooVoo, an innovator in the way people communicate online. The MOU outlines plans for ViaClix to bundle ooVoo’s high quality video chat technology with the Windows versions of its new iTV Digital Media Centers. Scheduled to launch Q2 2008, ViaClix Digital Media Centers provide a complete hardware/software solution for seamlessly merging television and the Internet.

By combining ViaClix’s patented technology for delivering the Internet directly to a TV screen with ooVoo’s award-winning video chat software, consumers, businesses and schools can conduct six-party, face-to-face video calls on any TV screen. ooVoo makes it easy for anyone with a broadband connection, a computer and a webcam to conduct live video conversations – one-to-one or up to six-way – with crisp, clear audio and video performance.

In addition to providing video conversation capabilities, ooVoo also enables users to send recorded video messages, add people to live video calls by phone and make calls from computers to landline or mobile phones, instant text messaging and file sharing features that will be available on the ViaClix systems. Users can save a conversation to the system’s 80GB hard drive for later reference, post it to their blog or upload it to social networking sites such as YouTube and MySpace.

“We’re proud to join ViaClix in leading the next wave of Internet/TV innovation,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo. “ooVoo is changing the way people communicate online around the globe with our high-quality video chat technology. Together with ViaClix’s Digital Media Centers’ interactive entertainment experiences, we will provide a single, seamless solution that revolutionizes the delivery of live communication to TVs and PCs, to homes and businesses.”

With ViaClix’s and ooVoo’s support for multiple languages, the Windows-based Digital Media Centers will provide compelling features to users around the globe.

“ooVoo is a proven solution that will dramatically change the way our customers communicate,” said Jay Elliot, ViaClix President and COO. “Family and friends will be able to not only hear each other, they will be able see and share the emotions in a way that only face-to-face communication can deliver. Businesses will be able to realize substantial savings in time and travel costs that can be achieved with corporate-wide video communications and training programs. And schools will be able to expand their presence to students who are unable to participate in on-campus classes.”

ViaClix and ooVoo are looking at expanding their partnership in the future by collaborating on the development of new features for ViaClix Digital Media Centers. For example, by leveraging the picture-in-picture and VOD capabilities of ViaClix’s technology and ooVoo’s video communication technology, friends who live many miles apart could watch a Webcast of a sporting event together on their TV screens while simultaneously sharing emotion and communicating about the event by video . The same principle can be applied for businesses to enable co-workers to share ideas on virtual whiteboards during video conferences.

About ViaClix iTV Digital Media Centers

Easily expandable and remotely upgradeable, the iTV Digital Media Centers feature ViaClix's patented technology which enables consumers to use their TVs to browse the Web, send emails, search, chat and enjoy video-on-demand with time-shifting capabilities. Configured as complete hardware/software solutions, the systems include a DVR, an 80GB drive, a CD/DVD recorder, a keyboard, mouse and an IR remote control. In addition to reading and writing to CD and DVD media, the system reads/writes to SD media as well as Compact Flash Cards. ViaClix systems can be delivered on a Windows® Vista™ or Linux® platform.

ViaClix Digital Media Centers can be customized to meet specific customer specifications and regional requirements. ViaClix also markets its patented technology to Internet content providers, service providers and institutional organizations as well as TV set, set-top box, computer and storage OEMs.

About ViaClix

ViaClix is a private corporation headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Focused on developing and marketing solutions that deliver Internet content to TV screens around the globe, ViaClix hardware/software products fully complement established IPTV standards, protocols and applications. With 5 patents issued and another 25 pending, ViaClix's smart card technology covers the complete spectrum of Internet TV functionality: distribution of High-definition Television (HDTV), Video on Demand (VOD), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, Interactive Gaming and Musical Entertainment (Jukebox / Karaoke / Mp3) as well as optional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) functionality

About ooVoo
ooVoo provides a high-quality video communication service that delivers a more meaningful way for people to talk face-to-face over the Internet. ooVoo’s award-winning technology enables up to six people to have a video conversation – as if they are in the same room together – whether they are across the street or across the globe from each other. ooVoo’s superior quality video and audio is available to anyone with a computer (PC or Mac), broadband connection and a web camera, for real-time video calls with up to six friends, relatives and colleagues simultaneously. ooVoo’s high quality video chat service includes video conversation recording, telephony, video messaging, instant message chat and file sharing amongst other capabilities. ooVoo is privately held and headquartered in New York, NY. You can learn more and download free ooVoo software at

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